Good News

My eldest is now out of hospital & making a good recovery.

As she is home again, hopefully I shall now have more time to get to grips with this blogging business.


Balla  :0)



Oh no, not again….

I had to take my eldest child into hospital this evening.

It is a recurrence of an earlier problem, so at least it is known territory.

If it goes anything like the last time, she should be out within a week anyway.

As I am the only one that drives in the family, I doubt I shall have much free time whilst she is there.

Bear with me a while, please.


Balla :0(

Well that’s that.

I went down with my youngest on the pillion of the 675 to the Post TT meet on the Billown course

A friend got a top ten finish, which isn’t too shabby & Farquhar cleared off on his Supertwin.

Met a friend, had a good chinwag and a cheeseburger.

Top day.

TT done for another year.

It won’t belong before the Post TT Blues kick in……

Probably tomorrow when I go back to work. :0/

Still have the Southern 100 & Manx Grand Prix to look forward to though.

Blog will continue whether there is racing on or not, so please stay tuned for more blogging. :0)





A really nice sunny day today.

The weather turned out so poor yesterday the Senior had to be cancelled.

It makes me wonder whether modern superbikes are too much for road racing on the Mountain Course.

The Lightweight race which went ahead was a cracker.

This type of bike is much more adaptable & well suited to the varied conditions encountered over the Mountain Course.

Anyway, it is not quite over yet.

There is racing on the Billown course ( Southern100 ) postponed from yesterday.

I’ll go down to that this afternoon.

Nature of the Beast

With the Mountain Course being so long, it is very prone to variable weather conditions; as is the Isle itself being a rock in the middle of the Irish Sea.

I had the call to cover for today’s races last night.

Currently I am awaiting confirmation of road closure time, so I can arrive on point at the optimum time prior to closure.

Just heard the announcement of the revised closure time, so still got a couple of hours before I need to set out.

I am especially looking forward to the ‘Lightweight Race’ , it features the Supertwin class.

That provides a nice variety of sights & sounds & good racing to boot! 😉


Friday will be ready on Saturday

Entire schedule of  today’s Senior Race day has been postponed until Saturday due to poor visibility over the mountain precluding use of the airmed helicopter.

The knock on effect of this is that Saturday’s Post TT race event held on the Billown ( Southern 100 ) course will now be done on Sunday.

It is good we have such a fall back option.

As road closures have to be authorised in advance, it is good contingency thinking by the organisers.

The NW200 has been caught out by that last year. I don’t know that Northern Ireland has the same flexibility on road closure authorisation.